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"Mass Tort" Advertising...

Mass Tort Industry... Class Actions:


Mass/Tort Advertising, (Class Action-Law Suits) ... For side/effects using Prescription Drugs,

Mediacations, Surgeries, etc…


Metro Media 1 is a Specialty Ad/Agency,  generating quality leads (With high conversion ratio’s) from consumers for “Law Firms” focusing on Mass/Tort Type Suits…  We know exactly “Where”  “When” and  “How” to adverttise…


Our ad/industry contacts and “Volume Media Buying Power” gives your law/firm the absolute lowest “Media/Rates” w/high visibility and “Premium Ad/Placements”


Timing is key/element to advertising “Success” in Mass/Tort Suits… Let us send your Law/Firm

in the right direction moving forward by contacting us directly for consultation…


Law Firms Advertising to Consumers/Patients with long term side effects from use of: Prescriptions Drugs, Surgeries, Work place hazards, Therapy, Implants, Medical/Devices, Concussions, Natural/Disasters, (Hurricane/Tornados/Earth Quakes) etc…


Current Mass/Torts Advertiser's….




Accident Victims



Mesothelioma (Work/Place)

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hurricane/ Tornado victims

Transvaginal Mesh


Auto/Defects Injuries

Therapy Machines

Veteran Injuries/Rights

Poly Grip (Tooth Glue Product)

Xarelto (Strokes)

Zofran (Birth Defects)

Industrial Hearing Loss




Mass Tort Suite:

Quality Production Services:

Metro Media1

    Marketing Solutions

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